The seven values listed below are the highly esteemed guiding principles and ideals that are foundational to Pacific Youth. They reveal the heart  and soul of the vision for this ministry. They reveal – at a character and philosophical level – what is most important.

We Model Christ

In the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Systems, Pacific Youth is in a sense, according to the old adage, “The only Bible they will ever read.” We are constantly examined for an authentic and real faith relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We represent the kingdom of God in these secular facilities.

We are Committed to Excellence

We are committed to excellence. Excellence is not perfection but in this ministry we will be serious, professional, determined and focused. We strive to do things incrementally better because God gave us His best, we received His excellence and therefore, will will endeavor to provide excellence in this ministry.

We Submit to Authority

One of the tests of spiritual maturity is our ability to submit to authority. It is part of the sinful human nature to rebel, fighting God and fighting authority. All authority is ordained by God and provided by God, when we are fighting authority, we are really fighting God. Our volunteers and staff have surrendered to God and His authority in all things that are in accordance to the Word of God. Because of this, Pacific Youth has tremendous favor and freedom within these institutions.

Those that Hurt Need the Best

Those that hurt the most need the best. Our volunteers are skilled and extensively trained ministers. Youth in these institutions are broken, in crisis and hurting. Just anything is not good enough. They need the highest quality ministry available, not second best.

We Love Youth Unconditionally

We love youth unconditionally. Many of the youth we deal with are un-socialized, they don’t know how to act respectfully, to say ‘thank you.’ They will not always appreciate what we do. We love them just the way they are, not expecting anything in return.

We Treat All Youth with Dignity

We value youth with dignity as people by always telling the truth. Our youth have experienced too much deception, hustle, broken promises and every one scamming everyone else. This ministry is honest and truthful and follows up on commitments. Youth can relax and receive when they let their defenses down because we are trustworthy and reliable. No games, no manipulations, we earn their trust.

Immediate and Continuous

Meeting immediate needs and providing continuity of care is a top priority. Youth entering the juvenile justice or child protection systems are in crisis. Their families are in crisis. Pacific Youth connects with local churches to provide an avenue into the systems for families in the local congregations. Families, pastors and youth pastors can contact the Pacific Youth office and we will help them navigate the process. We can reach out to the youth, making contact inside the facility to assure the youth knows that they are not alone and so parents know that their child is OK.  

Aftercare and re-entry is rough going yet it needs to be done and done well. Pacific Youth has been instrumental in the development of post incarceration mentoring. We have developed discipleship and life action planning curriculum tailored for this population to help the youth grow in their walk with Christ and to develop skills and spiritual maturity in order that they can avoid and prevent future incidents.