Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries will glorify God by serving to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries will create or facilitate model chaplaincy ministries with incarcerated and at-risk youth through intervention, prevention and continuity of care.

About Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries

Pacific Youth is an Evangelical Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit California corporation. Incorporated in 1985, Pacific Youth provides chaplains, para-chaplains and Christian institutional volunteers in correctional settings (juvenile halls, camps, ranches, shelter care homes, jails and prisons) and in community settings (gang intervention, family guidance and training or consulting for other agencies).

With a primary focus on delinquent youth, Pacific Youth targets county juvenile facilities. Incarcerated youth need immediate intervention to help curtail a delinquent career that often continues to age 24. Effective correctional ministry (including chapel services, Bible studies, one-on-one counseling and discipleship, aftercare and sensitizing the Christian community to the needs of troubled youth) shortens delinquent life spans and protects the community at large from prolonged criminal activity.

As a chaplain placing organization, correctional administrators can be confident that each Pacific Youth staff person is fully trained, certified in their capacity and closely supervised. It is the mission of Pacific Youth to pursue excellence in the delivery of religious programming and services.

Each Pacific Youth staff member is an independent contractor who must raise his or her personal funding and ministry expenses as a home/foreign missionary. These monies come from foundations, churches, grants and concerned individuals who believe investing in youth at risk is a sound stewardship that promises immediate as well as eternal rewards.

Who we serve

Incarcerated Youth
These youth use are adjudicated by the juvenile court for committing criminal acts and are subsequently confined in a county juvenile hall, camp or ranch, or state youth prison. As wards of the court, young felons are proceeding on a criminal career path that normally continues until about age 24. These antisocial and rebellious youth pose a threat to society and their own well-being, making this population a priority focus for the staff of Pacific youth.

Gang Involved Youth
Working with gang-involved youth is complex due to the social context and issues that encompass gangs. Particular attention must be paid to the underlying culture of the gang lifestyle. Outreach-Guide style of game ministry is used to impact current gang members (gang intervention) as well as younger gang member siblings (gang prevention) through family guidance, individual counseling, life skills development, and collective positive activities.

At Risk Youth
As youth approach adolescence and move into their teenage years, many are at-risk for self-destructive if not potentially criminal behavior. Youth are bombarded by a world system severely lacking in values and boundaries at a time in their lives when they are tempted to test limits. Pacific Youth is in place to provide practical instruction to the church in reaching out to at-risk youth in their community. If every church in the United States would reach out to even one at-risk youth, literally thousands of young men and women would be saved from entering the criminal justice system.

Abused and Dependent Youth
Abused youth are removed from their parents and guardians because of abuse, neglect or other circumstances that warrant being placed in a safe environment. While not considered delinquent, these young victims pose a much greater risk of becoming law breakers than the average young person. As a result many are ticking time bombs.

Families of Troubled Youth

Pacific Youth has a unique opportunity to minister to the whole family. Bonds formed with youth inside the institutions can extend to the family. In particular, as youth reenter the community, continuity of care services such as mentoring can link the youth and family to other needed services and provide opportunities to become affiliated with the local church. Youth who trust in Christ can become witnesses of a new and better life to family members.

Incarcerated Adults
In specific target areas, Pacific youth is providing ministry to incarcerated adults. Incarcerated adults have the same primary needs (e.g., evangelism, discipleship, follow-up) as incarcerated youth.

Juvenile Institutions, Correctional Administrators and Staff
While state and federal prisons have paid chaplains, the majority of youth facilities at the county level have no funding for Chaplains. Pacific Youth serves institutions and administrators by enabling them to comply with the law. While the youth come and go from the institutions, the correctional staff members remain employees. Pacific youth staff members and volunteers have a significant ministry in the lives of the correctional staff.

Christian colleges and students
Christian colleges and seminaries need ministry sites that welcome and supervise student interns. Pacific Youth meets this need through its internship and Christian service programs.

Christians with a Calling to Minister to Troubled Youth
God puts the needs a troubled youth on the hearts of some of His people. They sincerely desire to get involved with hurting youth. Pacific Youth provides a vehicle for people like these to be trained and utilized in effective ministry.

The Wider Body of Christ
If the Church of Jesus Christ is to follow His direction and example, sensitivity to the needs of the incarcerated you must be further developed. The Christian community at-large needs greater compassion for the unlovely.

Ministry Opportunities

Protestant Chaplaincy Ministry – various locations.

Each week chaplaincy staff and trained volunteers work together to provide Christ centered church services, Bible studies and numerous one-on-one appointments with used for prayer, counseling and discipleship.

Screened volunteers are placed with this program and required to complete an extensive 6 month clearance and training process in preparation for institutional ministry followed by a one-year ministry commitment. After being placed, all volunteers are closely supervised and receive ongoing support and training.

It is critical that each staff member, volunteer and youth ministry site be covered in prayer.

Worship and Drama
We need worship and drama ministry teams to serve at our Sunday morning church services.

Church Referrals
We need churches that we can recommend to troubled youth, adults, and their families where we know they will be welcomed and instructed rightly in the Word of God.

As a home missionary, each Pacific youth staff member is an independent contractor and is therefore required to raise 100% of his or her own support for living and ministry expenses.